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Where did the Align=Left logo come from?

When the new FLORA Homepage was being designed I had asked Nancy Shaver to help me come up with a logo design which I could put into an HTML image with an ALIGN="LEFT" to put it on the left side of the page.

As a joke she came up with the following, and it stuck:

Is that it?

My political beliefs are strong, and I am very supportive of the GNU General Public License which is often called the CopyLeft as it in many ways accomplishes the opposite goals of a CopyRight. From this belief you can say that my personal Alignment is towards the CopyLeft.

In the more traditional Left-vs-Right politics, I do not consider myself left-of-center. Actually, I am a future-thinking person that believes that Left-vs-Right politics is very dated as being part of the Industrial era. As we move into the Information era I believe we need to look more at the fight between the Green and the Grey.

Images of life and of living things should come to mind. Green attitudes tend to be of long term thinking, of sustainability in our actions, and the awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living things.
Images of being old (Grey hair), of pollution (Grey air), of dead things, or just of the lack of a vibrant colour.
In Canadian and/or Ontario politics, I am no more likely to vote for Left-of-center parties like the Communist or NDP as I am to vote for right-of-center parties like the Liberal, Tory or Reform(-Conservative Alliance) party. I believe that all these grey parties have outdated industrial-era ideas of how the world is and/or should be, and thus have inappropriate backward-looking policies based on these perceptions.

I personally identify more with left-Libertarians than I do with Socialists/Communists/etc. While the Right-Libertarian "Nolan chart" says I'm a Left-Liberal (100% personal, 10% economic self-government) this is only becasue I disagree with their outdated interpretation of "Free Trade" which I consider to be "Corporate Socialism" and thus strongly oppose. In a truly libertarian society, Corporations would not exist as their "limited liability" foundations would be seen as inappropriate government intervention in free markets, and documents like NAFTA would be seen as "Corporate Socialist Manifestos".

P.S. Left-Libertarians and Right-Libertarians both agree with minimizing government intervention into ones life, but totally disagree with what the remaining roll of government is. Where a Right-libertarian focuses on protection of private property (and the prison-military-industrial complex required to support it), a Left-libertarian focuses on protection of competition, free-speech and free markets (IE: Strong enforcement of Anti-Trust, proper ballance between free speech and things that oppose it such as intellectual-property, and other such things).

P.P.S. No Libertarians would tolerate current Alliance Party leader Stockwell Day's insistance on being in the bedrooms and private lives of Canadians and trying to dictate things like style-of-family, planned-parenting and religion.

I also do not believe the phrase Progressive Conservative applies to the groups that call themselves by that name, especially the people in Ontario who are better called the Ontario Reform party.

[Note: I removed the reference to the Green Party as I am no longer a member. They do not have strong enough positions on ICT policy, including a lack of protection of freedom of speech in new media, which is of great concern to me.]